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Tree and Hedge Trimming

  • Tree and Hedge Trimming By Professionals Who Really Care
  • Tree and Hedge Trimming By Professionals Who Really Care

Tree and Hedge Trimming By Professionals Who Really Care

Pruning and trimming hedges are time-consuming, labor-intensive crafts that many of our clients have tried to do themselves — and they either did poorly, got frustrated, gave up, or never started in the first place due to busy schedules and a lack of knowledge.

Save yourself the time and effort and start with the licensed and insured professionals who have spent years perfecting the art of hedge cutting, and who are dedicated to serving you with unsurpassed excellence.

Hedge Trimming


Hedges can be a perfect touch to any landscape, but they can also be its worst nightmare. Untrimmed hedges can instantly make a property look unkempt and ragged, no matter how well you mow or how often.

At The Top Team, our passion for service and experience has allowed us to provide remarkable hedge trimming services for your Columbia, Maryland property. From classic rounded spheres to something a little more edgy, we can do it all for a price you will love.

You can choose between a regular trimming maintenance program that is tailored to your needs, property and budget, or you can just let us come in once and give your yard a facelift. Whatever you need, we’ll be there with the professional service you’ve been searching for!

Tree Trimming


While trees can be one of the most beautiful accents to a landscape, they can also be a danger, a nuisance, or just forgotten about altogether.

Whether you are frustrated with an overgrown tree blocking your sunlight, filling your gutters with leaves, or it is dangerously close to power lines, we have the skills necessary to eliminate unwanted branches while allowing your tree to grow beautiful and healthy.

Maintaining the health and shape of your trees is definitely a job for the professionals, and at The Top Team, our tree trimming services will:

  • Increase sun exposure
  • Lengthen the life of your tree
  • Remove safety hazards like dead or damaged branches
  • And more

Contact us to get your free quote today! Operating in Columbia and surrounding regions in Maryland such as Hyattsville, you’ll learn quickly why we’re the leading lawn care company in the area.

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