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Mulch Application

Mulch Application

While mulching seems like a simple process, knowing when, where and how to do it is actually more of a science than you’d imagine.

When your Maryland property is mulched improperly, there are effects which can cause damage, encourage pests and even kill young plants.

Common Mulching Problems:

  • Harboring excess moisture in wet soils around the roots which lends to rot and stress on the plant
  • Nutrient deficiencies and changing pH levels in the soil
  • Insect and disease problems
  • Creating habitats for harmful rodents
  • Stressing stem growth leading to stem girdling roots
  • Becoming matted, acting as a barrier against water and air
  • And more

At The Top Team Lawn Care, our experience and knowledge of mulches, as well as the mulching process means that we are able to identify problems with your landscape or mulch garden before they become serious. We will lay the perfect amount of mulch which insulates, protects, improves and increases the landscape’s beauty without posing risks for any future complications.

In order to provide exemplary mulch services, we survey the yard to understand its soil drainage and we check the already present mulch to make sure it is still producing healthy results. Through this knowledge, we are able to determine the right kind and amount of new mulch so you get a yard that is as healthy as it looks.

Our dedication to excellence means that we are passionate about doing every job to the highest standards. We don’t pack our days with clients because we want to make sure to give each property the attention it deserves. In this way, we are able to produce results that are unmatched in the Columbia area.

Contact us today for your free quote and see how we can help you make the most of your Maryland yard!

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