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About us

Beginning in the lawn care business years ago, we saw the stigma associated with lawn care professionals who didn’t act like professionals, and we knew that we wanted to be different.

With a firm dedication to our craft and a passion for our clients, we are the landscaping company that is making professional lawn care service less of an oxymoron and more of a reality. Polite, clean, and efficient, our desire to be the best in town means that we are more willing to take on fewer clients each day so that we have the time to really invest in the success of your Hyattsville property.

A family-owned business, we stand by the qualities of honesty and integrity, and we work diligently to make sure that every member of our team lives by that code. We are licensed and fully insured, and our team is trained to uphold the highest standards of excellence so that you get consistent, quality lawn maintenance services. Every time.

We carefully chose our name to reflect the kind of service we aim to be. The Top Team means so much more than being the top lawn care professionals. It means providing top-notch yard maintenance services to every client. It means that we don’t leave a job unless we are sure our clients are satisfied. It means that we invest in the top equipment, techniques and crew. It means being affordable without compromising excellence. It means providing you with the services that you need to make your Maryland home look its very best.

It means an unmatched quality that stands apart from the rest.

We love what we do, and work to make sure that you do too. Contact us today and get your free quote for a service that will have you coming back for more.